B2B Bureau

         Managed Cloud Services

B2B Bureau is our Managed Services Cloud Company where we professionally manage B2B and MFT Integration needs, streamlining bu sinessprocesses as much as possible and significantly reducing the costs


Managed  Cloud Services

We transform our customers’ files to any format and protocol irrespective of the source to be able to transfer them with full guarantees whenever or wherever they need and communicate the delivery to the person indicated
in the manner they prefer.

Likewise, we do reverse management by integrating our customers’ business partners’ files into their information systems.

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Integration Services

Integrated management services aimed at the incorporation of business partners, the management of B2B processes and the support of our clients’ business partners. 

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File Transfer Services

Managed services aimed at undertaking transfers of our clients’ files to the cloud by means of a single, secure and reliable connection. 

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Transformation Services

Managed services that cover all the activities related to the transformation of our clients’ files.

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Reporting Services

Services aimed at providing visibility and control to our clients' B2B transactions by means of creating reports, dashboards and alerts, to the extent of the information needs. 

Financial and Tax Adaptation Services

Comprehensive management of services to adapt our customers’ systems, processes and operations to new developments or changes in fiscal regulations.


The B2B Bureau Cloud Managed Services aim to simplify our clients’ B2B operations as much as possible and reduce their costs.

Our consultants, who are highly specialised in B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer (MFT), will design the most appropriate services to successfully cover the B2B collaboration needs of our clients, quickly and securely responding to the demands of their business partners.

Our managed cloud services provide the necessary information to obtain complete visibility and control of the B2B processes, and enable our clients to focus their efforts and resources on their business. This combination enables our clients to go beyond business efficiency: to be quicker and more prepared for decision making, to be more agile on the market and to be able to anticipate in light of any problems that may occur.

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Storage and High Availability

At B2B Bureau we have a very clear view of the value that the specialisation of a company provides. Our strength in Cloud services lies in our knowledge of the B2B market and our clients’ needs, as well as having the most qualified technical support service.

This is why we use Amazon Web Services (AWS), a company specialising in Web Services in order to safely store applications and the data needed to provide our services. In this way we can ensure maximum availability and compliance with the principles of privacy and security set out by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for storage and processing of content that includes personal data.

Our Cloud Managed Services combine the functionality and robustness of leading market applications, the most secure cloud infrastructure and the most expert professionals in file transfer management and integration to enhance our customers’ business with full guarantees. 

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Every client and every service requires applications and infrastructures that will ensure coverage of their requirement sand taking up future functionalities. In B2B Bureau we design customised services, for optimum development of your B2B business.