IBM Aspera
Enterprise File Sharing Suite

Fast, secure sharing and exchanging of large files among groups

IBM Aspera Enterprise File Sharing Suite is a collection of client server software and web applications for companies that need a fast, secure and easier way to share large files and data sets among interconnected teams, customers and partners —regardless of the file type, transfer distance and network conditions. Its high-speed performance is driven by the patented Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP) technology.
This enterprise file sync and share solution helps ensure complete security of business-critical digital assets with user authentication, data integrity verification and encryption, and a powerful data access and control model. 

IBM Aspera Enterprise File Sharing Suite delivers:

A fast, innovative and secure file sharing solution.

  • Reduces the amount of information that needs to be transmitted to keep different devices and data stores synchronized. 

  • Delivers high-speed transfers regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. 

  • Permits highly reliable data delivery with automatic resume of partial transfers, retries of failed transfers, and fallback to HTTP for highly restrictive networks.

  • Provides the ability to globally exchange data sets and files that are too large for standard file-sharing products, such as video files from mobile devices into critical content production processes.

Powerful security features.

  • Offer a simple and more secure way to share and synchronize files that can pass enterprise security policy standards. 

  • Lessen the security risk when sharing file-based information that remains within the enterprise. 

  • Integrate with existing enterprise security infrastructures such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), single sign-on (SSO) and antivirus/data loss prevention. 

  • Can extend to a hybrid cloud deployment with local storage to address the data ownership requirement. 

  • Provide at-rest and in-transit encryption.

A variety of easy-to-use web and client interfaces 

  • Present a consolidated view and powerful searching, filtering and sorting capabilities. 

  • Provide high-speed upload and download of transferred packages using a browser plug-in, desktop application, Microsoft Outlook add-in, and Apple iOS and Android mobile applications. 

  • Offer granular control over all user operations including browsing, uploading, downloading, renaming or deleting files, and adding or removing directories. 

  • Feature private drop boxes for content contribution with tracking and notifications.

Direct integration with the desktop.

  • Enables remote browsing of shared files and simple drag-and-drop movement of those files and folders. 

  • Directly synchronizes any network file system or local directory with remote servers and other drive users, and mirrors content from remote sites. 

  • Allows large files or entire directories to be delivered as digital packages to remote project teams by simply right-clicking and entering the recipient’s email address.

Quick, easy sharing and accessing of data.

  • Provides iOS and Android mobile applications for uploading, downloading, sending and receiving files to and from devices. 

  • Facilitates efficient high-speed file synchronization and sharing over WiFi and cellular networks. 

  • Enables files of any size or entire folders to be sent as an attachment to a standard Microsoft Outlook email.

Another Aspera Solutions


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IBM Aspera High Speed File Transfer

Enables organizations to rapidly transfer large files and data sets—whether structured or unstructured—over an existing WAN infrastructure.

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IBM Aspera Sync

Enables maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs to handle today’s biggest data.

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IBM Aspera Drive

Powerful and easy to use high-performance file sharing and synchronization solution for the Windows and Mac desktop.

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IBM Aspera Enterprise Server

Highly scalable server software that enables high-speed transfers of files, directories, and large data sets globally.

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IBM Aspera Console

Enables centralized monitoring, management, and reporting of your Aspera transfer environment. 

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IBM Aspera faspex

Provides an intuitive, efficient way to collaborate and exchange files and directories of any size, over any distance.

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IBM Aspera High Speed Add-on for Connect:Direct

Further leverages Aspera technology with the IBM MFT portfolio by integrating the high-speed, Aspera transport protocol into IBM Sterling Connect:Direct.

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