IBM Commerce on Cloud

Extensive cloud-based commerce solution to enhance your customer
shopping experience

IBM Commerce on Cloud provides advanced trading capabilities to help you create an attractive brand experience across all customer contact points. With IBM, you can  enhance your business with personalized customer interaction, optimized order and purchase management, and processing across all channels . This allows you to accelerate marketing and boost revenue growth.

Whether you want to get started fast, grow or upgrade your business-to-business, IBM Commerce on Cloud offers intuitive business tools to accelerate site management, order processing, and sales configuration for B2C and B2B.

Features of IBM Commerce on Cloud:

Enhances the shopping experience.

Personalize content, offers and promotions with advanced marketing and digital analytics functions.

Manage orders efficiently.

Speed up order management and provide visibility into global inventory to give customers what they want, when and where they need it.

Self-service marketing tool.

Create a showcase and accelerate the release to the market through templates, facet navigation and promotions and quick configuration offers - without having to turn to IT.

Maximize revenue potential.

Accelerate the sale of complex products with predefined configurations, guided sales and coordinated processing.

Protect your cloud infrastructure.

Take advantage of IBM SaaS support always available for infrastructure, operating systems, application servers, databases and software.

IBM Commerce on Cloud includes:

  • Integrated templates to easily design and assemble shop windows, with its unique brand image.

  • Global inventory visibility.

  • Predefined configurations,  which simplify the sale of complex products.

  • Powerful online marketing analytics.

  • Unexpected explosion capability support to deliver optimum performance during peak periods.

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