IBM Configure,
Price, Quote (CPQ)

Automate configuration, pricing, and quoting of complex
products and services

IBM Sterling Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)  simplifies challenging selling process by automating the configuration, pricing and quoting of complex products, services, and bundles.
This streamlined sales process guides customers, sales teams, call center representatives and partners in selecting and validating the right products and services.

The features and benefits of Sterling Configure, Price, Quote include:

Automation of online sales process.

  • Increases revenue with accurate configuration of solution bundles, while providing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

  • Improves customer satisfaction and lowers call center volumes with fewer incorrectly ordered products.

  • Achieves higher sales productivity with more accurate quoting and ordering capability.

  • Streamlines the process for maintaining product relationships, establishing configuration rules and mapping product data.

Centralization of pricing system.

  • Reduces costs by eliminating manual pricing execution, enforcing pricing consistency and automating pricing changes.

  • Enables business users and pricing managers to facilitate price maintenance.

  • Simplifies pricing model based on customer, customer segment, region, contract, or profitability and customer behavior.

Systemization of quoting workflow.

  • Saves time and improves efficiency by enabling sales representatives, customer service professionals and partners to easily create, negotiate and convert quotes into orders.

  • Allows greater control of quote process with visibility into the entire quoting cycle from opportunity through order placement.

  • Improves communication and timeliness through collaboration with customers throughout the entire quoting cycle.

  • Increases partner control of quoting process by allowing access to their own products and services.


Guide customers through the complex products and services configuration.

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