IBM Payments 

IBM Payments Gateway is a cloud consumer payments acceptance solution for merchants, billers and acquiring banks

IBM Payments Gateway is a cloud consumer payments acceptance solution for merchants, billers and retailers. With its easy-to-use interface, combined with a localized payment checkout experience, implemented on a cloud platform designed to provide security , the solution enables global retailers to set up and manage a robust local online payment solution more quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

This software as a service (SaaS) solution is easily accessed from a company's existing payment platform, helping to significantly reduce or eliminate the investment of time, money, and IT resources for payment processes. This approach helps companies to offer a shopping experience that is designed to provide security and that is consistent across multiple channels and devices, including mobile, and enables consumers to buy products and services anywhere, anytime.

Payments Gateway is a flexible SaaS solution that can help satisfy a broad range of needs:

  • For consumer payment service providers, the solution offers banks, telcos, and other payment providers a secure, high performance cloud-based payment solution that is designed to provide security and to quickly bring to market ecommerce and mobile digital wallet payments.

  • For consumer billers, the solution can help cut costs and improve client experience by using a cloud-based payment gateway that offers immediate access to local payment options in more than 80 countries, with automated settlement and competitive cost per transaction.


What can IBM Payments Gateway do for your business?

Grow globally.

Easily and securely connect to over 330 payment methods and over 220 banks and processors with localized support in over 100 countries.

Consistent shopping experience .

Empower customers to shop with confidence, knowing their information is processed in a security-rich environment.

Reduce fraud risk burden.

Store all payment instruments in secure token vault, alleviating your business from onerous, expensive compliance.

Omni-channel global payments.

Provide a highly configurable, consistent shopping experience across all channels.

Rich management and insight.

Uses one-screen visibility payments across all channels and locations and manages payment routing in a single interface.

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