IBM Watson  Customer 
Experience Analytics

Make AI your competitive advantage

IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics  helps you make smarter, faster marketing and CX decisions based on insights into customers across touchpoints and channels.

Only Watson gives you clarity into end-to-end journeys and their effectiveness while also giving you the ability to visualize the actual customer experience on your digital channels.

This macro to micro view gives you both the what and the why behind your performance. The end result?  The insight you need to optimize journeys, boost conversion, and maximize profitability.  

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 Feature spotlights:

  • Solve abandonment with AI Struggle Analytics. AI alerts you to customer struggles in your digital world and helps you quantify business impact so you can prioritize a fix.

  • Learn "why" with leading session replay.  Incorporating the powerful IBM Tealeaf CX capabilities gives you the micro lens on CX that lets you diagnose issues and opportunities to boost conversion.

  • Multi-channel journey analytics.  New multi-channel path analysis provides a holistic understanding of customer journeys that attributes ROI so you know where to direct spend for maximum business impact.

  • Make a better mobile experience. Understand and optimize your CX on mobile devices.

  • Eventing and alerting.  Provides struggle detection and behavior reporting that pinpoint where and why experiences are occurring; powerful event and alert engines provide the ability to act on insights.

  • Usability analytics. Uncover usability flaws that cause customers confusion and struggle with functionality like replays, heatmaps, form analytics, and VOC integration. Compare segments side-by-side to optimize experience, content and campaigns.

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