IBM Watson
Marketing Insights

AI-powered predictive customer insights for your business

IBM Watson Marketing Insights provides AI-powered recommendations designed to help marketers understand and anticipate customer behaviors . It recommends prioritized target audiences based on key predictors, or lets you explore your own, creating segments based on a rich profile of customer data compiled from multiple sources utilizing complex and robust queries. You can export the resulting target audience lists to any requesting application across channels in just a few clicks.

Use the visual interface to construct the most impactful audience for your campaign strategies, becoming more relevant to your customers and the customer journey. 

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  Feature spotlights:

  • Rich, prebuilt analytics.  Prebuilt, predictive analytic models designed to support key marketing objectives allow marketers to gain instant insights into customer trends and predicted behaviors.

  • Insights explained in natural language.  Outcomes of the analysis are depicted graphically, while key predictors (the reasons behind the recommendations) are presented in natural language – no complicated math to understand.

  • Recommended target audiences.  Automatically identifies high priority, high-impact target audiences based on key behavioral drivers.

  • Swift export of audience lists for execution.  Audience lists are pushed in one-click to Watson Campaign Automation or (Standard Edition only) to IBM Universal Behavior Exchange for execution through any campaign platform.

  • Automated data and model refresh.  Dynamic segment profiling enables you to create meaningful segments for targeting every time, while also automatically refreshing audience memberships.

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