IBM Message
Queue (MQ)

Accelerate growth with the benefits of this reliable, robust and industry-leading messaging solution

IBM Message Queue is messaging middleware that simplifies and accelerates the integration of various business applications and data across multiple types of platforms . It uses message queues to facilitate the exchange of information between applications, systems, services and files, and thus simplify the creation and maintenance of business applications. It provides universal messaging with a comprehensive set of offerings to fit the messaging needs of the entire enterprise, as well as connectivity to the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices.

Now, IBM Message Queue offers a support and delivery model that makes it very easy to keep up to  date with the latest fixes and features, without waiting for the next release.

IBM MQ Advanced for Developers is available for free for development purposes for Windows and  Linux platforms. A 90-day free trial is also available for all platforms.

Shows how you can move files throughout your enterprise and beyond when you use IBM MQ

IBM Message Queue provides:

Fast and uniform information connectivity.

  • Provides a complete, secure and reliable messaging solution that supports both  conventional and emerging messaging needs.

  • Integrates with a heterogeneous mix of applications, with support for multi-platform c onfigurations, including standard JMS messaging, scalable pub-sub, and a selection of  application programming interfaces (APIs).

  • Offers an integrated solution for the complete and managed transfer of files, with  connectivity for mobile devices through a single messaging layer.

  • Supports a wide variety of messaging needs, including point-to- point, publication- subscription (pub-sub) and file transfer.

  • Using IBM Integration Bus, transformation modeling, intelligent addressing, and information  flow are added to the IBM MQ messaging database.

Secure message delivery.

  • Assures delivery of information—once and only once—with the highest quality of service.

  • Helps ensure real-time information is available and accessible from anywhere, at any time.

  • Provides reliable delivery, without message loss, duplication or complex recovery, if the  network should fail.

  • Preserves message integrity throughout the network—and does so affordably through a c onfidentiality option that strengthens encryption without substantial processing overhead.

  • Protects data and helps ensure regulatory compliance with security rich functions, including:  full authentication—based on OS or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP);  encryption when moving and at rest; and message integrity.

Dynamic scaling.

  • Flexible solution that allows rapid response to changes, reducing the need to modify code in  the applications.

  • Highly scalable solution that can address evolving workloads and new mobile and cloud  deployments.

  • Highly available solution with fully automated failover.

  • Dynamically distributed messaging workloads available through clustering.

  • High throughput, low-latency solution with support for Multicast.

Simplified management and control.

  • Uses a single installation process for deploying the full set of IBM MQ capabilities in  distributed environments.

  • Allows visibility and tracking of messages and files for gaining insights through a single  dashboard view.

  • Permits a quick audit of the movement of data and completion of transactions.

  • Simplifies application integration tasks by using a function-rich application development  interface with full code access for development.

A unified messaging solution. 

  • Reduces the cost and effort associated with managing multiple solutions.

  • Simplifies application design and maintenance, reducing integration costs and time.

  • Reduces the cost of connecting applications through a rich set of connectivity functions.

  • Eliminates the need to write complex communications code, offering a choice of simple API  options.

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