Specialization makes us different

Specialization is our strength

Our success is one of dedicated specialisation, which we have developed from the start, based on the IBM B2B collaboration solutions. 

Our capabilities and the close relations between the two Companies have resulted in numerous successes, numerous satisfied clients.

IBM B2B Collaboration solutions provide access to data, applications and information regardless of platform, device or data formats, making it possible to build a strategic integration platform that reduces cost management and efficiently control internal and external movements of
critical business information in real time.

Benefits of IBM B2B collaboration solutions

Single, secure gateway for files and documents

Simplified Onboarding of your trading partner community

Reduction of cost  of your
value chain 

Adaptation to
current regulations

Systems consolidation

High availability for zero downtime

  SLA performance

Processes industrialization    and reduction of human intervention

Increased visibility and control

 Adaptability to new protocols, standards and formats  

Advanced analytics to leverage the wealth of data

On premises, local, hybrid cloud deployment options

IBM B2B Collaboration Clients have been able to reduce by:


the time spent on problem solving associatted with file transfer


costs associated with managing exceptions


time spent on onboarding processes


the volume of errors with non-managed transfer systems

Source: Watson Supply Chain: IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Platform / MFT. 2018 February     

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